Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bersedia u dibenci

title ak begitu,..bersedia ye u dibenci.haha.
saje nak share pengalaman training aku.
and kate2 tu yang aku dapat each time ak g belajar kat dept orang.
jawatan ak memang ramai orang benci.kwank2.sebab,..

dept aku;
1)banyak cekadak u meet mgmt requirement.
2)banyak mintak changes pada bende yang dah sedia ada.
3)banyak doubt method orang lame.
4)banyak propose benda baru yang bukan semua orang boleh terima.

heh,..dapat la agak cket kan ak bahagian ape,..y paling leceh.itula dy..
but,..overall,..xdla heavy sgt keje,..if balik 2,3 jam lewat pun sebab projek or meeting,.
and that doesnt count as overtime dude.tu y x best uhh....hampeh j kan,..

tp inilah kehidupan,..and ak baru nak berjinak2,..kene banyak bersabar~
memang mustahil la leh apply semua yang aku belajar time belajar dulu,
jangan berani2 ko sebut segale macam programming u control proses,.
konpem dapat title bajet bagus free yo...

ok lah,..training pon lom totally over,..so not much can be shared today,
learning process can be kinda interesting if u can handle in +ve way no matter how hard is that,..
wink2~hehe..saje remind u all n dr sndrik~

and and and...to all father2 who read this,..even belated,..still,..wishing u..happy father's day..i love my dad,miss him soooo much,..my mom also.. may them rest in peace and roh mereka dicucuri rahmat olehNya,..
to abah angkatku di Serom jua...will visit u soon dad!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

miss my beby lumix

ohh,..rindu nye kt camera.camera cabuk ku.

camera peneman hati.

x dapek nk cam-whoring bile sunyi2,sepi2,bosan2.

haihhh.july really need to go balik kampung and take.

company bg camera but for inhouse use jek.amek pic nepal curik2 tdo bwh mesin, toilet kotor, longkang tersumbat etc etc etc etc.

nak gmbr ak y senyum comel2.

nak update blog gan gmbar.baru ada keterujaan di situ.visual's role better than words~

ahhh,ckp sal camera,..tbe2 nk letak target blackberry bold before mid august.ciap la.ak da terpengaruh gan rakan kerja yang x berape sebaya.

too early nk target transport 4 tayar,6 tayar or 8,12 tayar.eheh.

before end,nak kate sumthing,..iaitu,..kesal.why?.

sebab,apek isap ganja.nape isap?nape?bajet x kantoi sebab fizikal memang dari dulu cmtuh?haishh.xtaw la pasne if ak tengok apek ade rase suke lagi or x.
last time,.bukti aku suke,ak pegi promo jus manggis dy kat utm y mane hanya 0.002% attendance dak utm.laen sume outsiders...

ak bosan malam ini.tu jek sebenarnye ak nak cakap dari awal entri neh.

i'll come to you honey, Blackberry Bold Smartphones


Monday, June 14, 2010

air dicencang xkn putos

tajuk drama?tajuk novel?pun bukan,..
ak saje nk tulis,..sumthing y watkan ak sedar diri,..bile ak rase ak da ilang kawalan diri,..but now x,..ak terkawal.=)

the quote refer to bonding between siblings which never ever can be break no matter happens,
u ppl must get the idea the reason for me writing this because i miss my siblings dy,..huu
kind of~

i love my sisters n brothers.that's it.
now am away from them. their youngest sister~ (its me,..huu)
but,..among all of them...the 2 closest sis to me is nana n k yan..yela..laen sume da de fmly masing2 an..sob2...

these 2 person always have a fight with me while we're sitting together.
i really wanna stop my childish action n thought and stop giving them headache,..plus i got sin free2 by going against them,..huu,..i found myself ego and hardly can accept the advice,..esp when i think my thought/opinion is much better compared to them,..i dont really think opinion from "ppl who ate salt earlier than you" is always applicable,
deep inside my heart,..i also hate to get into fight,..but the immature me always lack of those emotional control skill.

But anyway,..afta my parents passed away,..i think that i have improved in certain part,..just dont know if they realised or not...hak3

For both of you,..nana n k yan,..i really love you.love sgt2.more than i love my boyfriend.
only that,..am so sorry for hurting both of you all this while...
thanx for always being there for me,..thanx for giving me support in study though the greatest bad things occurred...and,
thanx for giving me money oso..hehe

wish you....happy sister's day(if any)..ehehe
and pray both of you always in a pink of health.

i wish i can say this face-to-face this Syawal..=)

some pics taken during Syawal last year,..k yan,.nana n aku..err,..y sorg lg tuh,..my anak menakan..danny~

akhirnya,..terluah gak,..only ble da jauh di mate~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

ku sampai jua~

well,.am here dy. friday at 10a.m. meru and precisely in the new company house.

should happy?i guess 50-50..huhu.
because,..i have to stay in the temporary house which has full dy by 10ppl and am the 11th with no bed...(only the bed given to them neway,..haha).
that is emma's house, a former biotechnology classmate in UTM during back days. she'd start her employment here since last month...so jealous she got earlier..
the real house of mine will only be confirmed on tues so need to be sabar a bit lah duk menyempit2 nih. baju pun sume men tarik2 dalam beg jek. dah cam camping cket~

and today is sat which is weekend. the trend is nobody stay in weekend in this house unless they have duty on sunday. info from ila-new housemate. =). dy keje esok!poor her.
a smart me had took a wise decision by going to Afzan's house at Banting yesterday even not knowing the trend before. hehe.
I just felt too bored yesterday and texted my friend. Messi to pick me up and drive to Banting.
Messi the great Wonder Pet, agreed.^^V

and,..afta a day gelak2,..borak2 n jalan cket kt Aeon bkit tinggi,..today, ak dihantar pulang k Meru.thnx Ajan.
at least terisi masa sabtu ku.
n plan u esok?huh,..tdo smp tngahari la kot,..ila keje sok..so ak sorang2,..nak g mane2 pun xd transport,..seb baek da crik stok megy pama tadik time out for dating.ngee~

So for cinema session, we watched A-team,.original plan, Karate Kid..but the ticket's sold out,..so w/o knowing anything bout the A team movie,..just bought and wish it could heal the disappointment to watch Karate Kid.
and that's it.miracle!haha.the movie was superb.
congrates to me myself for suggesting this movie to him.hehe.
action movie packed with lively jokes. worth watching yo~

okeh,.mate da berat.nk blogwalking pun da x larat.nyte meru'ian..ewah.haha.
neway, kinda miss all my components at Batu Pahat..fierce component (my sister), cute components( my cats opkos).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dunia baru

wah,..dunia bru ku hmpir bermula..3days more~
finally,i got the job..not a jobless graduate anymore..what a relief,..
to kawan2 y masih hunting,..keep it up,..u guys got something to sell for them,..jobstreet,jobsdb,recruit.net etc sume kasi aci redah.
improve your cover letter n resume day by day.gve more power on it.=)
ak amat memahami rase rsau y x dpt laie,..jgn down,..baru sebulan lbey j kan tanam jagung.
Rezeki Dia yang bagi bg tiap2 kite,..kite berusehe keh.

esok,..ak gerak,..at midnite,..so can reach the destination early morning,..then straight away heading to company and ask for the house key,,..(the company provide the house for the staff luckily..;D).
n tonite,..just finished packing half,..xd mood dah nk smbung,..
sb,..akak ak tetibe suh update baju2(shirt,kemeje,blaus,bju kurung n bla2...)y ade kt uma ni,..
asingkan mane y nak or xnk pki dah,..
n d result,..3 boxes!packed wif those,..99% elok rupe paras laie,..cume da x mnyengat nak dipakai skg ni....hehe,..

no wonder,..dr bwh,..ktorang 4 bradik gegurl,..so melaram toksah kate jang,..
bju stok membazir,..lau arwah mak ade,..konpem kene brainwash gune clorox,
"tau beli,...pakai kejap j,..pastu beli lagi"..kind of this dialogue,..ngee

then,.. we decide to make for charity,so esok ak bukak booth kt uma,..meh rmi2 dtng bundle ak,..sume still in good condition,..lau nasib baek,..dpt y ade logo UTM,..heh,..y ade gmbr chemical plant pun ade,..hoho,..baju kos guwer~

esok ny agenda;
1)jemput jiran2 dtng booth,.if bole,..nk wat announcement kek suraw..hoho
2)wat kek,..(u housemate baru?)..u ratah2 otw nanti kot,..

tapi.....ade sebak dlam tawa..
pk j da syahdu,..gonna mish my cats!kakak,beby,mate besa n kids.they brighten my life so perfect,..huhu,..their smile,..their meowing(while asking for food, not during fighting,.that's disaster), n their damn cuteness style while sleeping...
n for more,..
ajar erti sbr u buang ninja dorang,..ak wat sume ni dlm snyuman j lately,..sb pasne x dpt laie nk tdo same2, ajak bebel2, sepak terajang, n gomol2 gan dorang,..uwaaa.
ase nk msuk celah ketiak dorang tdo j tonite,..+_+..(mst hangat kan???hehe)

oh yeah.
pnjang dah bebel.kecoh j kan,.sumerang pun akan lalui bnde nih,.besela,.mule2 nk msuk tmpt baru mmg gini.unavoided feel.lau mngadu pon,..orang x layan.

ist day of everything is like hell.bitter.sour.rotten.monkey.kodok.cipan.etc.
kang sebulan dua,..erm,.(this, wait n see)hehe.

ding dong.ok.the time is now (Jaesuk FO, 2009).
princess off to bed.=)

Friday, June 4, 2010

jihad GAZA vs Israel Laknatullah!

weh!lame da x update..nak kate xd cte,..memang xd cte pun haaa..

tgk berita,..follow up freedom fortila g Gaza.super sadis...tergerak lak nk membebel sal fenomena nih.
to MV Rachel Rorrie, semangat dorang mmg tinggi,..stil nak teruskan misi even israel da kate xd sape y dibenarkan sampai di Genting Gaza..satu2 nya ship y masih teruskan nawaitu dorang...apekah kesudahannya??israel nyer sekatan laut da cam hape2 jek,..kejam...tembak aktivis jarak 1 meter pun rilek jek..orang tua,..dak kecik da macam ikan bilis j pd dorang.

9 aktivis da shahid earlier..belom sempat nak tolong orang,..dah jd mangsa komando israel...
but ape pun,..Alhamdulillah,.tawanan dr Mavi Marvara dah dibebaskan...orang kite stil selamat.
24 hrs arrested without any personal stuff even a pen.villain yahudi.
takut dorang tu sbenarnyer,...orang media memang jd target,...sb tu la senjata sbenarnye kan,..
ehh,..PBB kate nk wat meeting tu ape cer?..*ni ak kurang info cket*

n kite,rakyat msia..digesa u bace Qunut nazilah,..ak pun masih belajar bace,..pnjang gak,..but that's the only thing that can help those palestinian out there..suffering never ending,..

teringat shoutout kawan ak kat ym,.."palestinian tanggungjawab kita,apa kita nak jawab kat akhirat nanti?"..seram kot,..terasa sangat kerdil,..sedara sesama islam kene tindas kaw2 kat belah sane.

lagi satu,..ade logo zionis kat dalam pc kita yang ak baru delete kelmarin.jom carik
local disc C-->program files-->Mic office-->Media-->CAGCAT10(logo dalam folder nih)...lupe code nyer sb dah delete.logo ade lilin2 wif background star.licik nak hancurkan muslim~

okes,..insyaAllah ade mase aku update lg pasal ni,..da smp mase ak kene lihat dunia luar dengan serius.am big girl now.eheh.if ade ya kurang tepat leh la dibetulkan...most wc.