Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cecite Current-New

well,.start wif Salam first. Salam sume...=)..Cam masuk uma orang, la..since this blog ady being abandoned by its superbz n forgetful la tuh.

Nothing much to be shared and elaborated..but maybe...nk share story on my recent problem : change job...yes,..change job!

Untuk dijadikan cerite,..after gave up to wait the partner for my current job,..I pun with panjang x berape panjang pk nyer,..g la attend interview for a new job,..n alhamdulillah,..passed the iv n being called for the,..the big problem nyer stat with is it I am ready enough to leave the current job? week pk,..makan x kenyang,..tdo x lena,..muke toya habis duk mati2 pk nak decide..ciap call sana sini mintak tolong buat solat istikharah same2...and on that particular week tu la,..I am very sensitive whenever I see my worker's face (they'r nepalist!!)..coz mybe I ady feel sad to leave them...oh came on nany...haha

Then,..on next monday, I met my boss with the letter of resignation. Since I ady expected her feedback, so the 2 hours tarok gave me zero impact..but since she decline to sign the letter n ask me to re-think again, I came back to her on that friday..same decision,..still wanna another 2 hours tarok I got, together with 2 hours from my coordinator..

And,..the things remain on that way...until,..I got another offer, new basic and new DEPT! from Mr.L...waa..I din know bout that till one monday morning I being called by my boss, early in the morning,..and in her room,..she told me,..bout the offer but not 100% of it. She told me,..that got another boss..offering me a new basic..but she replied that Mr.L email that I want that basic but want to remain in her dept...cisss,..and I feel unsatisfied. and unfair bcoz she decide for

So I came back to her after few days and voice out my decision..which is to accept the new offer n cancel resign...and, boss become super sahya mengamuk in her office..she even throw her breakfast on the wall the moment I said my decision..n I of course,..speechless..n just wait for her further reaction.....bla..bla...n as for conclusion for that session,..I got yelled, insulted,..being called with that-so-not-nice-name-to-be-called and etc..I know why she bcome like that, She felt challenged... That's it...

And now,.I gave up. Haha. I din even try an effort to met Mr.L to ask his help to let me in his dept..Entah. Malas dah. Give up la tu kan?hoho. So,............ I'm resigning. peace.=).

nota buku lima:
1. My current dept is QA, Mr.L dept is R&D...n both boss are super enemy.i like.


gadis_merahjambu said...

just leave them dear!! lets hav fun here!! hehe

purple destiny said...

you memang..bias!!=)