Monday, June 14, 2010

air dicencang xkn putos

tajuk drama?tajuk novel?pun bukan,..
ak saje nk tulis,..sumthing y watkan ak sedar diri,..bile ak rase ak da ilang kawalan diri,..but now x,..ak terkawal.=)

the quote refer to bonding between siblings which never ever can be break no matter happens,
u ppl must get the idea the reason for me writing this because i miss my siblings dy,..huu
kind of~

i love my sisters n brothers.that's it.
now am away from them. their youngest sister~ (its me,..huu)
but,..among all of them...the 2 closest sis to me is nana n k yan..yela..laen sume da de fmly masing2 an..sob2...

these 2 person always have a fight with me while we're sitting together.
i really wanna stop my childish action n thought and stop giving them headache, i got sin free2 by going against them,..huu,..i found myself ego and hardly can accept the advice,..esp when i think my thought/opinion is much better compared to them,..i dont really think opinion from "ppl who ate salt earlier than you" is always applicable,
deep inside my heart,..i also hate to get into fight,..but the immature me always lack of those emotional control skill.

But anyway,..afta my parents passed away,..i think that i have improved in certain part,..just dont know if they realised or not...hak3

For both of you,..nana n k yan,..i really love sgt2.more than i love my boyfriend.
only that, so sorry for hurting both of you all this while...
thanx for always being there for me,..thanx for giving me support in study though the greatest bad things occurred...and,
thanx for giving me money oso..hehe

wish you....happy sister's day(if any)..ehehe
and pray both of you always in a pink of health.

i wish i can say this face-to-face this Syawal..=)

some pics taken during Syawal last year,..k yan,.nana n aku..err,..y sorg lg tuh, anak menakan..danny~

akhirnya,..terluah gak,..only ble da jauh di mate~


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