Saturday, June 12, 2010

ku sampai jua~

well,.am here dy. friday at 10a.m. meru and precisely in the new company house.

should happy?i guess 50-50..huhu.
because,..i have to stay in the temporary house which has full dy by 10ppl and am the 11th with no bed...(only the bed given to them neway,..haha).
that is emma's house, a former biotechnology classmate in UTM during back days. she'd start her employment here since last jealous she got earlier..
the real house of mine will only be confirmed on tues so need to be sabar a bit lah duk menyempit2 nih. baju pun sume men tarik2 dalam beg jek. dah cam camping cket~

and today is sat which is weekend. the trend is nobody stay in weekend in this house unless they have duty on sunday. info from ila-new housemate. =). dy keje esok!poor her.
a smart me had took a wise decision by going to Afzan's house at Banting yesterday even not knowing the trend before. hehe.
I just felt too bored yesterday and texted my friend. Messi to pick me up and drive to Banting.
Messi the great Wonder Pet, agreed.^^V

and,..afta a day gelak2,..borak2 n jalan cket kt Aeon bkit tinggi,, ak dihantar pulang k Meru.thnx Ajan.
at least terisi masa sabtu ku.
n plan u esok?huh,..tdo smp tngahari la kot,..ila keje ak sorang2,..nak g mane2 pun xd transport,..seb baek da crik stok megy pama tadik time out for dating.ngee~

So for cinema session, we watched A-team,.original plan, Karate Kid..but the ticket's sold out, w/o knowing anything bout the A team movie,..just bought and wish it could heal the disappointment to watch Karate Kid.
and that's it.miracle!haha.the movie was superb.
congrates to me myself for suggesting this movie to him.hehe.
action movie packed with lively jokes. worth watching yo~

okeh,.mate da berat.nk blogwalking pun da x larat.nyte meru'ian..ewah.haha.
neway, kinda miss all my components at Batu Pahat..fierce component (my sister), cute components( my cats opkos).


alchemy said...

good nite tu batu pahatian haha... welcome to meru~ selangor ni besar, tmpt aku gak kau pilih. nghahaha

purple destiny said...

haha.tmpat ni perlukan ak u lebih maju..=p

alchemy said...

tpsbm ko dtg, mmg die tgh maju pon... tp xpe, majukanlah lg dgn sarung tgn itu. haha, weh, tuka mase comment ko ni ikot time malaysia la

purple destiny said...

ala...ade jek kondem blog ak y serbe serbi naive ni..haha..yela..ak tuko~

alchemy said...

hahaha, bkn kondem~ tego spye improve... hehe